Crazy Stupid Love – Fight Scene

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This scene is incredible I love it. I Can’t stop laugh. Is so Funny. Enjoy. Crazy Stupid Love (2011) :D.


Samuel Ring says:

Ryan Gosling is such a fucking trooper in this movie lol. Imagine if you got cheated on and then your friend punched the dude in the face for you, how baller.

gps433fool says:

I love when ryan gosling says “David linhaagen (don’t know how to spell last name)? Okay.” and just punches the guy hahaha

Iliuta Silviu says:

the asian cop from grimm…can’t remember his name

528491Inception says:

the scream at 2:54

nonamesorryaboutthat says:

Possibly the funniest scene i have ever seen. Remember watching this at 3 PM during my summer holidays. Woke everyone in my house from laughing so much and so LOUD! lmao. 

smriti gurung says:

omg this is the best part of the movie it’s so funny his wife n daughter are totally clueless,ryan’s reactions are so funny love him

Jesus Martinez says:

What is the name of this song?

Tiff Changalang says:

“What are you grabbing?” bahahahaha

Morales Marie says:

OGM so Funny best scene ever ! Love Ryan’s laught

Tim P says:

Please don’t call him daddy

Johnny Schuh says:

Oh my God, that is not…what are you grabbing?? Hahaha part always gets me.

carfan2k2 says:

the face at 0:28 says it all !

TheJakuszczon says:

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Revenge 

kemg14 says:

its all just so messed up yet it connects. Wow. just WOW


Whats the name of the song playing while he walks away PLEASE HAAAALP

cjpalm2020 says:

OK this is some comedy……freakin hillarious!

CherryCurlZ06 says:

The police office said “keep it in the family”..and the reason why they were fighting in the first place was because of the complicated way they were all associated with one another. So technically they actually did “keep it in the family”

aparna rajesh says:

My Mother: Stay away from my daughter
Storm Shadow :WFT

rmkw4291 says:

who does the scream at 2:55?

rayovak2010 says:

why ryan is laughing at the scene? I dont understand ._. someone explain me please(:

MigeProduction says:


katty3twilight says:

My favorite!

Mslittlejoeyy says:

Just finished watching this magnificent scene on HBO haha.

bySarahDee says:

and then Ryan’s laugh HAHAHA

bySarahDee says:


gotja says:


dasolutionisme2 says:

David Lindhagen made 10 accounts to dislike this video….. loser

r1kkiie says:

Why is he saying “Jessica” before she runs around the corner? :)

poslednisoud says:

I just love how Jacob is still with Cal like a real frind when he is in problem ;)

Wesley Solmon says:

anyone else notice when Bernie punches Jacob and is in pain after? :P

PvP Saan says:

What are you grabbing?!?

Commisariant says:

Hanna: Daddy?
Jacob: Please don’t call him that.

CieloAbuAmara says:

The part when David comes in and everybody stop and stare at him always make me laugh so hard!!!!

Elisa Marcadet says:

Ryan’s face at 0:27 ! “Can’t breath” !

rose siv says:

ah the little giggle at the end gets me every time..

Pablo O says:

and a bad guy at Prison Break 

Pablo O says:

Who is the one screaming at the end? Lol

Camila Arano says:



Vincent Eagle says:

Cal: are you pointing at me?
Robbie: you pointing at him?
Emily: you pointing at him? OHHHH

Desirée B says:

omg what a mean father D: XD

Nakessa Greene says:

Too funny… favorite scene in this movie.

sashimi0894 says:

only 200,000 views??

bigbrown4114493 says:

Just finished this movie 5 minutes ago. I forgot the last time I was SO involved in a movie. I actually stopped watching movies because I got into Japanese anime, but I’m SO glad I gave this movie a try. When this scene popped up, I was laughing so hard that I was crying. 10/10 movie.

eighteensixtyfour19 says:


TheSkiingGuru says:

That moment when Kevin Bacon is so fucked lol

AMGamerTV says:

I watched this last night, then watched it again on YouTube later to understand what the hell happened cause I was laughin so damn hard. Totally didn’t expect this epic twist!

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