FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS 2013 – NEW Fail Compilation June 2013

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lululah52 says:

3:00 minutes is caled bully

MonsterEnergyChick88 says:

1:23 it’s in Russian she said tell me how this Lola you already saw me XD

Josee Faith says:

Well we know she wasnt lip syncing .

Maciej Szczepan says:

2:51 Is it the band called Bush?

James Turrisi says:

1;32 hot girl alert

GamingSunRay says:

3:17 Mexican Dad

GamingSunRay says:

2:25 True Friends

charles ortiz says:

A complete fucking rip-off! What a fucking troll!

Seichi Luis Emilio Nakayama Nakashima says:

mas viejo q matusalen los videos,, 

razvan pandor says:

0:37 giggity giggity giggity giggity :))

goomba1982 says:

maybe I gave them too much credit for being people

soulfull M. says:

was the guy in 0:32 decapitated ?!?

Deb Bowie says:

click the x you cheeseburger head

dennnis2781 says:

what’s with the purple screen you fucking moron!?

FloorDoorWall says:

I did’nt know they were a group of people, I thought they were a race of people.

Sean Collins says:

Why are these videos flipped?

David Garcia says:

fuck you asshole



goomba1982 says:

Hispanics are a stupid group of people

Sergio Cb says:

0:28 music final gong! XD

TheGoodNewsforall says:

Please kindly see  thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

D4RKM00N55 says:

Most of it is pretty sad….

OnParole92 says:

fuckin thumbnail

mrboo6455 says:

Its not very good

mark rodgers says:

Babies falling over is not funny to me. Theyre pretty useless until they can pretend to hold a conversation. Not saying theye not amazing (for a parent of said child) all im saying I theyre just kinda annoyances for the first few years.

antondbd says:

There is a russian TV program called “Даешь молодежь”. You’re welcome

Derek Lewis says:

You can always tell those prank shows are fake.. So unnatural looking.. No more of those

ds1508 says:

That’s not nicht. :-(

James Collins says:

You’ve just flipped the clips…

TheLeporad says:

Source of 1:26?

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