Naked transporter accident

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Woman is transported to the beach without her clothes. A Star Trek Parody we thought would be amusing. CreditsJ http::// http://imagesprophotogra…


mlidikay says:

I have done a number of nude shoots in outdoor areas. Though I usually try to stay away from people, they do show up on occasion, but nobody has ever objected.

mlidikay says:

The green screen would have been difficult with changing light, blending, breeze and shadows. It looks better to do the scene in as real an environment as possible. The location was actually her idea, I was originally looking at another location that would have had less people, but traffic noise would have been a huge issue. The only objection we got was someone waiting to paint the wall behind her, which would have forced us to start over. After she undressed they didn’t seem to mind.

punisherman1000 says:

If I were her I would have just had them green screen me in but no, she was brave. And where the hell was i when this was shot? I live near santa monica beach.

Ray Barclay says:

That woman is beautiful,and has guts!

Alan Green says:


mlidikay says:

If the video is popular enought we will probably make more.

FinalLoveFantasy123 says:

I said that because she does have a big belly button hole, just look at it!. :) But seriously, she stayed out there for 30 minutes? Seriously, 30 minutes? Dang, that girl has a lot of guts for staying out there that long, which is impressive. I like these type of videos because it’s very cool seeing a sexy naked woman teleporting somewhere like in the Terminator movies, which is cool, in my opinion. I applaud her for doing it, and hopefully to see more in the future in different locations.

mlidikay says:

So if she were reading this, that is what you would like to say?

I would have thought there might be some appreciation for her being brave enough to stand naked on a public beach for 30 minutes. It takes longer to shoot a video than to watch it…..:)

FinalLoveFantasy123 says:

I don’t want to sound like a weirdo, but dang, that girl has a big belly button hole. lol. :)

mlidikay says:

Glad you like it. Wasn’t the easiest video to do

DavidXTyler says:


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