PayDay 2: Crash on start up Fix !

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if payday crashes on start up or minimizes this might help! %appdata% – type this in search bar.


AzZ' GrunT says:


bIackm3sa says:

Yes. That is correct

GiOcOlAnDiACrAzY says:

this metod fixes payday 2 crash? (i can’t understand speed english) thank you if you answer me!

bIackm3sa says:

glad to help dada<3

Óðinn Valgarðsson says:

i love you man ive tried so much shit but this worked thanks so much!!!

buckshotttim says:

Apparently i dont have that file in my Payday 2 folder

bIackm3sa says:

Thanks for sharing that. Its great info! :)

barry wilso says:

Thanks, this worked for me. The game was picking up my screen reolution incorrectly

thatsmrcole says:


건태 박 says:

i had same problem too. so i tried to edit the resolution of that file(“1280 720″->”2560 1440″ my desktop resolution),instead of deleting or moving. and then the game is running normally.

YongKang Er says:


April Hobson says:

Wow this actually worked thanks haha, btw, actually the funniest tutorial I’ve ever seen

MrFaggor says:

yur gey. but in all seriousness it worked, thanks alot man!

bIackm3sa says:

Glad to hear :D

TheRealPub97 says:

This worked. Thank you so much!

bIackm3sa says:

Ooo Yes Don’t forget your taxes! 

TheSnapbackChannel says:

U have inspired me to bring a flashlight to school -3

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